Getting Arround

From Marmaris to the Iztuzu beach, from Sarıgerme to Lykia road, there are many historical and natural beauties that can be explored around Göcek. You can find countless travel destinations around 100 km from Göcek. Gocek is the best address to stay for travelers.

Lycian Road

The Lycian Road which starts from Fethiye and continuous to Antalya is considered one of the top 10 long distance hiking trails in the world. The entire route is marked by sponsors and maintained by volunteers. Some of the ancient sites you can see along the Lycian Road are Sidyma, Pydnai, Phellos, Apelia, Theimussa, Letoon, Xanthos, Patara, Antiphellos, Simena, Myra, Limyra, Olympos and Phaselis.


The famous Ölüdeniz Natural Park, which is located under Babadağ Mountain, is only 44 kilometers from Nirvana Hotel. You can park in the Ölüdeniz Natural Park with your private car. Here you will find facilities and umbrellas to spend the whole day at Ölüdeniz beach. You can experience this wonderful place while watching the paratroopers bouncing all day over Babadağ Mountain.

Kelebekler Vadisi (The Valley of the Butterflies)

The butterfly valley is a natural treasure on the border of Ölüdeniz. Surrounded by steep cliffs that are 350 meters high, the valley takes its name from the Tiger butterfly and more than eighty species of butterflies living in the valley. The Valley of the Butterflies can be reached by boats departing from Belcekiz Beach in Ölüdeniz. 


Saklıkent Canyon, famous for its icy waters and deep gorge, is 68 kilometers from Nirvana Hotel. You can stroll through the ice-cold spring water of the Bey Mountains, where you can take a walk in the depths of the canyon and take pictures of the unique view of this canyon. We recommend trout and cold starters in the restaurant right at the entrance to the canyon.

Sarıgerme Beach

One of the most sought after places of Muğla is Sarıgerme. It has a very wide and long beach where you can sunbathe and swim with joy and peace. It is generally windy here and the sea is wavy. The sand on the beach is thin. In addition to parasols and sun loungers, there are cafeterias and buffets on the beach. Sarıgerme is 30 kilometers from the Nirvana Hotel.


Dalyan is 32 kilometers from the Nirvana Hotel. The most notable historical site of Dalyan, is the ancient city of Kaunos, which is famous for its royal tombs. However, Dalyan Hot Springs, known for its healing waters and mud baths, is another of Dalyan’s favorite sites. Boats to İztuzu Beach and Köyceğiz Sultaniye hot springs also depart from Dalyan.


Kayaköy, located in the Fethiye district of Muğla, has a history of five thousand years. The abandoned Greek houses in Kayaköy were built on the ruins of the ancient city of Karmylassos, which belonged to the ancient Lycian civilization. In Kayaköy there are about 3.500 houses, 2 churches, 9 chapels and many social buildings. Kayakoy is 45 kilometers away from Nirvana Hotel.

İztuzu Beach

A natural wonder Dalyan İztuzu Beach is the place where Caretta Carettas leaves her eggs. This beach has a very fine sandy beach which is perfect for Caretta Carettas to lay their eggs. The west side of the beach is accesiible with boats and the east side is accessible via the road. Both sides of the beach have different characteristics and there are two facilities at both ends. This beach can not be used from 8:00 in the morning until morning. Because the Caretta Carettas left their eggs in the evening.

İnlice Bay

İnlice Bay is one of the nearest bays to Nirvana Hotel. The distance to our hotel is only 8 kilometers. The beach, which can be reached through the green forest road, can be used also as a campsite. It is generally considered as a picnic and barbecue area.

Günlüklü Bay

One of the bays near our hotel is the Günlüklü Bay. The distance to our hotel is 14 kilometers. On the way to Günlüklü beach, after leaving the main road, you pass a green forest. The wonderful smell of pine trees gives you happiness here. It has a small beach where you can have a peaceful time.

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Daily Boat Trips

The first activity you should join in Göcek should be a boat tour and visit the surrounding islands and beautiful bays. The daily boat trips in Göcek are very different than in other resorts. Once you have joined the “12 Island Tours” you will need to return to Göcek to experience these beauties again.

Göcek Bays and Islands

The most important features that distinguish Göcek from other port cities are the tranquil bays and the wonderful islands decorating the sea. Göcek bays are colored with a mixture of green and blue. The sea is clear and calm. For yacht owners Göcek is one of the most favorite points of Turkey. Göcek awaits all travelers with its beautiful surroundings.