Daily Boat Trips

The first thing you should do in Göcek is taking a boat tour and visit the surrounding islands and the magnificent bays. Daily boat trips in Gocek are very different from boat trips in other resorts. The tourists who want to participate in the “12 Island Tours”, also come as a day trip from nearby cities to Göcek. The main reasons for the high demand for “12 Island Tours” are the unique nature of Göcek and the numerous hotspots that can be visited by boat. In this natural wonder, where green and blue are integrated, every bay and every island is more beautiful than the other. Once you have participated in the “12 Island Tour”, we believe that you will come back to Göcek to live these beauties again.

The “12 Island Tours” depart every day at 10:00 with daily excursion boats departing from the coast of Göcek and can accommodate 50 to 100 people. If you wish, you can book your tour by choosing your excursion boat, just the night before your tour. We strongly recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your departure to choose your place from several options in your boat.

Göcek, Tersane, Yassıca Islands and Bedri Rahmi, Cleopatra Baths, Boynuzbükü, Sıralıbük, Göbün, Aquarium bays are just a few of the places that we recommend for you on this tour. Do not forget to have your camera with you for the enchanting landscapes on the “12 Island Tours”.

Throughout the day you can see all the Gocek islands and enjoy the sea with swimming breaks in at least 5 different locations. The tours are offered with a 1-hour lunch break. The lunch in your boat will be delicious as a quality seafood restaurant. You can choose from delicious fish, meat and chicken menus. In addition to your lunch menu, you can buy snacks and drinks also from the excursion boats. These pleasant “12 Island Tours” last until 18:00.

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Getting Arround

From Marmaris to the Iztuzu beach, from Sarıgerme to Lykia road, there are many historical and natural beauties that can be explored around Göcek. You can find countless travel destinations around 100 km from Göcek. Gocek is the best address to stay for travelers.

Göcek Bays and Islands

The most important features that distinguish Göcek from other port cities are the tranquil bays and the wonderful islands decorating the sea. Göcek bays are colored with a mixture of green and blue. The sea is clear and calm. For yacht owners Göcek is one of the most favorite points of Turkey. Göcek awaits all travelers with its beautiful surroundings.